Poetry Clinic, referred to as PC, aims to provide you with a quick switch over towards soothing feeling of relaxation, and strengthens you at heart by the means of poems.
Compositions by various poets of national and international repute have been adopted and are being readily made available for you at PC.
Many poets have shared their potential contribution to PC by their own free will. On the other hand, it would not be wise to credit that PC is being able to share the works of well-known and distinguished poets at It is, however, possible that any poet or publisher may have an objection to list his/her work in our database.

We are using an innovative approach to accomplish the goal of making poems reach each and every family. To achieve this, PC makes use of different available works/compositions. Mainly the poems have been used only with the consent of the poet or publisher; few being copyright-free. In the light of said objective, is assumed that the poet should not have any objection because PC is only acting as a medium to connect the poets and poems with the heart of people.

But still, if you wish to share anything or have an objection then we humbly request for an act of forgiveness on the unintentional mistake. We only mean to publicise the poem. Please do notify us at about any copyright infringement found by any means at We will not use the works which shall be objected by copyright holders at all.